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Concealed Weapon Certification
& Gun Safety Class Special

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2 for 1 Tuition
Free Set of High Quality Ear Muffs and Shooting Glasses


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Tampa Bay Gun Shop provides outstanding service...

Online Testimonials

Teri (5 stars)
I walked into the store after seeing the nice reviews on google. I signed up to take the CCW class with Paul. During that first handshake and conversation, I knew Paul was a serious professional. The CCW was serious, informational, and Paul makes sure you know the law before you leave that class. His help and insight at the range was also very appreciated. Check out the prices on their inventory as well, can't beat their prices! I've already
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Shannon (5 stars)
I signed up for the cw class and could tell immediately that Paul was a good person and I wanted to support him in his business. The class was even better. You can see that he is a stand up man, is detailed yet he gets to the point. Paul puts emphasis on the importance of responsibility and being safe. He didn't skip over or make light of things and at the same time I enjoyed myself. I am happy that I took the class there and I will continue to support Paul
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Walked into Arms for Defense last week after my second home burglary. Wanted to get information about what type of weapon I should purchase and was totally impressed by Paul taking the time to show me all the different weapons they carry. Purchased the weapon and took the class to get my concealed weapon license last night with Paul as the Instructor. Excellent class and really appreciated the time and effort Paul took to make sure we were
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Arlis (5 stars)
Paul was a very good and encouraging teacher for a novice like myself. The class is very informative and an excellent source of information of Florida gun laws as well as other states. I had a very good experience and would recommend Arms For Defence to anyone who is looking for an experienced gun expert to guide you through the laws and guns in general. I enjoyed the time greatly. Peter was a wealth of knowledge as well. Thank you both so very much. Arlis Peacock
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Chris (5 stars)
Excellent class! Paul D. was knowledgeable and kept the class moving at a good pace while insuring everyone understood. Will be headed there to buy my firearm for sure!
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We thank everyone for their fine testimonials.


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