Gun Shop Reviews


Paul at Arms for Defense is a great guy! He was very helpful in my decision of making my first handgun purchase, and I’m very satisfied with the gun I chose to buy from him. I also took his CCW course, which I highly recommend you do. It was great, and everything went smooth from the start. From the “classroom” to the range, it was a great experience. Paul really knows how to make his shop inviting and family friendly. He has great prices, and a great selection of firearms and accessories. I really hope you’ll choose to do business with him. I know I’ll be going back to buy more, and referring all of my friends and coworkers to him.
Gabriel Yeager

Paul did a great job instructing our class. I felt that he evaluated the class (about 8 people) for their current knowledge of guns and then presented the class material accordingly. Being that I was a novice, I was a little intimidated about attending a class where I knew there were going to be experienced gun people there, but my fears of looking stupid or asking a dump question were squashed by Paul’s personable and patient approach. Not only did he do a great job instructing us on classroom material, but he was just as informative and patient at the gun range, which can be a little overwhelming for someone who’s never been to one. Paul also supplied us with the instructions and the materials needed to apply for the concealed weapons permit, which was a big help. No regrets here.
Jack Hambach

My family and I took Paul’s Concealed Weapons Permit Class, recently and we would highly recommend the course to anyone who is interested in pursuing their permit as well as obtaining the basic fundamentals in gun safety. We had the opportunity to learn first hand from Paul (an NRA member), and a retired Police Chief, who also participates in classroom instruction. Staff members are very informative, professional and knowledgeable in their field. Documentation handouts are aplenty and the permit application process, very well outlined. Everything you need, is included in your package. Prior to bringing a firearm into our home, it was our intent to ensure our teenagers understood the importance of gun safety and respect; Paul does an excellent job in addressing this. Both our teens completed the course with a better understanding of safety applications and an even greater respect for any/all guns. We were assured if we took the course, we would not be disappointed. We weren’t. Thank you, Paul and Staff, for delivering exactly what was promised … and then some!
Dave and Jann Zuhlke

This shop is very friendly, prices are good and selection is very good. The concealed carry class is taught with safety and proper firearm handling as a priority. They help new shooters become comfortable with their firearm and actually take the class to a range and do live fire shooting.
Dan Lenke

Excellent service, great prices. Owner is very helpful to all of his customers whether they are new to firearms or old veterans. I recently purchased a Sig Sauer M400 Enhanced from Paul and got a great deal.
Thanks Paul.
Paul Phillips
Great experience, clean shop, friendly people, very competitive prices, tons of accessories. First visited when Paul opened up last November and have been loyal ever since! Also offers concealed weapons classes.
Paul was very helpful and hands on, Very Well Priced. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Will do business with him again.